Pairee Digital is a technology services company focused on providing development and operational support digitally to its client partners while they can focus on their core competency. Pairee Digital operates in the areas of Data Analytics, Technology Services, Media Operations and Quality Assurance. Pairee’s core team is highly experienced, professional, energetic and bring passion to the table while being empathetic to their client’s needs. Relentless focus on process improvement and quality makes Pairee, a natural digital services provider. The Pairee Digital mantra is “Providing Strategic Value” to all its clients. The onshore – offshore model of the company makes it seamless for its clients to run complex operations and projects without a hitch. Founded in 1996 and rejuvenated in 2019, Pairee Digital is the flagship of Pairee Group of Companies

Pairee Group boasts of a diversified portfolio of companies catering to various industries including digital services, manufacturing and leadership development. Pairee’s focus on adding value to human lives is exemplified in its own charitable trust called Pairee foundation.

Pairee Group Companies

Pairee Learning

A unique L&D organization combining real life entrepreneurial & business experiences with behavioural psychology to help organizations enhance their leadership capabilities. We believe that people are the most critical resource for building, supporting, and sustaining high performing organizations.

Pairee Learning firmly believes that behavioural transformation does not happen overnight but through learning, practicing, feedback and coaching. Therefore, Pairee offers its clients services across all the above facets of behavioural transformation. Pairee conducts Journey based leadership development programs, e-learning and blended learning programs. Coaching and Mentoring is also a key offering by the organization.

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Pairee Jyothi

Originally founded in 1965, Jyothi Industries was acquired by the Pairee Group in 2013. Jyothi Industries has been a leading manufacturer of machine tool accessories and SPMs. Jyothi boasts of decades of experience in delighting customers from various industries across India and abroad with their precision products and services over the years.

With the acquisition of a 30 year old ER collet manufacturing business in 2017, Jyothi has expanded its range of products and is now manufacturing High Precision Collets, Mechanical edge finders, Chucks, Adapters and other custom precision components. Jyothi’s team has decades of expertise in manufacturing high precision collets and other precision components for exports to Europe and USA.

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Pairee Foundation

Founded in 2015, Pairee Foundation is a charitable organization whose mission is to “Touch a Million Lives”. Currently it is focused on educating rural women of Mysore district. Several skill development programs, which runs for approximately 6 weeks, have been conducted by Pairee Foundation to help rural girls gain the necessary edge in English, soft skills and basic computer skills to enable them to find employment. Some of the other activities of Pairee Foundation are, programs on interviewing skills, providing teaching staff to government run schools and supporting corporate CSR programs with Pairee’s unique learning curriculum and training staff. These programs have been conducted in Mysore and Vishakapatnam.

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