We provide Quality Assurance services using the best test automation frameworks & tools while supplementing with an appropriate manual component that help companies to ensure that their software is fully functional, reliable, secure, and user-friendly. We take up a testing project of any scale and complexity, introduce an efficient quality assurance process, and enhance your software quality management strategy.

Our QA services also include Creative and Content Audits which are scrutinized by automated and human review processes and categorized with an unprecedented level of detail and accuracy. Our Media Auditors review and classify online display advertisements to improve placement and visibility for advertisers and grow revenue for publishers. They also ensure uniformity, choice and control on ad content to give publishers the confidence that their site is protected and targeted effectively.

  • Functional Testing: We provide Functional Testing services that ensure the verification & validation of applications for global enterprises for seamless and robust functionality.
  • Performance Testing: We provide state-of-the-art performance testing solutions for multiple domains and platforms, like, desktop, web, cloud, mobile and analytics using various testing tools to boost the performance of your software.
  • Regression Testing: We help our clients to make sure fixing new bugs does not negatively impact the functionality of other parts of their digital product by providing exceptional Regression testing
  • API testing: Pairee is highly experienced with APIs and provides API Testing Services that allows you to be confident that your API doesn’t have bugs, and the whole application works as expected.
  • Cloud testing: Pairee provides the services of cloud solutions testing to make sure that the delivery of such computing services as networking, analytics, software, storage, databases is possible over the Internet.
  • User Acceptance Testing: Pairee offers a full range of user acceptance testing services to ensure promised functions are delivered and addresses cross-platform compatibility and acceptance by end users. 
  • Security Testing: Our Security Testing and web application penetration testing uncovers vulnerabilities in applications, ensures your application risks are minimized, and benchmarks your software code for increased quality assurance.
  • Automation Testing: We provide test automation services which automates necessary tasks & functions in detail to increase their quality & effectiveness. We use the best test automation frameworks & tools, which allow us to provide our clients high quality services, including automation software testing, mobile test automation, QA automation & more.

  • Ads/Creative Auditing: Review all the properties of the creative (size, quality, animation, loading time) based on policies and guidelines defined by the client/IAB
  • Ads/Creative Categorization: Categorization done based on pre-defined business rules
  • Pixel Auditing: Leveraging debugging tools to ensure the tags are firing properly before any placements go live
  • Audit against Malvertising: Leverage web scanning technologies to scan and detect malicious ads, trace their source and provide immediate alerts
  • User behaviour Simulation: Simulating user behaviour and checking ads for targeting and/or retargeting

  • Website Auditing: Website auditing is done to maintain the brand safety and ensure the site is free of malicious content
  • App Verification: This process is to make sure the Apps are brand safe and to categories the apps based on the audience age group (9+, 12+, 17+ and All Audience)
  • Landing Page testing: Using A/B testing or Multivariate testing for better page results
  • Screen shots: Capturing of screenshot of websites and Ads as required for any required geography and devices types
  • Tracking of impression and clicks: Track performance of the Ads on the websites