Pairee provides a wide range of technology services that clients of any size can leverage in addition to their existing team. Our diversified offerings enable clients to rapidly scale their development, testing and implementation projects in a high quality manner. We provide these services in a variety of computing environments, using the latest advancements in client-server architecture object oriented programming, distributed databases and networking and communication technologies.

We provide customized software development and implementation services helping companies ranging from start-ups to large enterprises to meet their unique business needs. We create tailored solutions to solve your specific problems. The solutions are designed as per your business processes to satisfy your exclusive needs of making your workflow easier, faster and more efficient. Our services offer:

  • Product Design and Development
  • Software Research and Development
  • Component Design and Integration
  • Full Product Testing Cycle
  • Product Visualization
  • Prototyping
  • Component Design and Integration
  • Customization Services
  • Product Support
  • Documentation
  • Testing services which span multiple types of testing
  • Implementation and Support

We are one of the leading API integration services companies offering both custom and third-party API integration services. We provide well-structured code design with proper authentication that ensures high performance of your software applications. We create APIs for the desktop, mobile, cloud apps, web sockets, Service-Oriented Architectures (SOA), firmware/middleware, browsers, databases and operating systems. Our seasoned API developers have an experience of ERP API Integration, CMS systems, Payment API Integration, Transport APIs, Social Media Integration, Travel APIs, Google APIs.

Pairee provides custom web development services as a core competency and we have a time-honored approach for start-ups to the complex enterprise web application. We deliver customizable and high-quality robust website development in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Advanced platforms of web development like PHP, Joomla, WordPress and Magento are leveraged to deliver the best website possible. Our experienced web designing approach and advanced knowledge of web development will help you reach your target audience more effectively and enable you to achieve your desired goals.

Our mobile app development team works with mid-market companies to create certified and secure mobile applications. We build for Android, iOS and Windows marketplaces, as well as for mobile-optimized web. Our mobile app development services include:

  • Prototyping and Design
  • Mobile Development
  • Mobile App Testing
  • Deployment in App Store
  • Support
  • Maintenance

We’re experts at organizing and processing high-availability database systems that are vital to your operations. We provide services in designing and managing the diverse set of databases- both traditional (MySQL, Oracle, SQL server) and unconventional (No SQL), which store data related to transactional and social media applications and are used to provide regular transactional processing and data warehousing. Our experienced team develops, installs and upgrades the application tools, allocates system storage and plans future storage requirements for the database system. The team also controls and monitors user access to the database; monitoring and optimizing the performance of the database and planning for backup and recovery of database information. Likewise, we will also collaborate with you to devise personalized database management systems for your ongoing use.

We provide services that fulfil a wide range of needs required by businesses to take advantage of cloud technologies. This includes prototyping, developing cloud-based applications and integrating enterprise infrastructure with cloud services. We have experience in building applications across various cloud platforms like AWS, Azure & Google Cloud. We also design, build, deliver and manage new or existing cloud infrastructure on time and on budget. Our cloud services include:

  • Design & Architectural Assistance
  • Cloud Build, Configuration & Integration
  • Infrastructure Modification & Consolidation
  • Cloud Migration Strategy & Support

Our DevOps leverages collaboration, monitoring, tool-chain pipelines, automation and Cloud adoption. With our DevOps as a service offering, we ensure rapid on-boarding of applications by automating end-to-end delivery pipeline and facilitate continuous integration and development across leading cloud platforms.